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We provide a transcending experience of timeless beauty, elegance and glamour at an affordable price for the customer. As we say, why pay more when you don’t have to.

SanDee’s Hair studio has not only grown from this idea, but we have excelled in this field at the same time.  Starting with a childhood dream of being surrounded by glamour and good friends has created a lifelong journey that has blossomed into reality.  Embarking on our second decade of making the dream into reality, the path has been one of fulfillment.  Since graduating from the Graham Webb Academy, SanDee has spent time working at Elizabeth Arden Red Door, and some of the trendiest salons in the Metro DC area.  It was there where the vision of a warm but glamorous salon for friends and their families and not a salon where the customer was just a number was realized. It is not the purchase that is the function of the environment, but the warmth created by the visit.

It’s hard to imagine that so much growth came from an idea, but in that there lays even more room for the ventures to grow. That growth will need to pivot on the ideals of the current operation while providing the opportunity for others to also enjoy the experience.

SanDee is passionate about hair! The desire to create many different hair styles and color design on clients is in her heart. She is a true believer in doing the very best, the best way she can.

While at the Salon you can take advantage of shopping in our Boutique! Our goal at Boutique Fairfax is to find the best items at the lowest prices and offer them to you.

Our collection consists of modern along with retro, jewelry and cute kitsch items that never go out of fashion. Style is a trend, one that changes seasonally… We offer a unique blend of style, sophistication and affordability.

Beauty in our life and homes is what we strive for.  It does not have to cost a fortune to surround yourself with what you love.

SanDee is involved in the societal practice of philanthropy and humanitarian exchange by many different methods. A clothing exchange, participation in PAID, and Toys for Tots to name a few. She is active in the Fairfax City Legislation and is an avid supporter of the Fairfax City Humane Society.