SanDee Renee is recognized and respected in the LGBTQ community as an inspirational advocate for transsexual, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people. SanDee has successfully worked with transgender clients that had not yet started their journey ~ to becoming who they are on the inside! SanDee has 15+ years experience in this world, where hair is important, in many ways. It is not the hair alone that you gain your expertise; It comes from many years of learning, gathering knowledge, understanding the struggles, the internal challenges that can also be battles of the mind. Transition can be many different things ~ SanDee believes that each is different; in its own way.

SanDee also works with wigs and she teaches her clients, how to work with tools that will make their styling needs easier.

An appointment in a private boutique beauty shop makes everyone feel good about themselves.  SanDee treats her clients like Royalty!